About Reward Panda

Reward Panda is the new Platform launched by Voucherline, one of the UKs leading suppliers of giftcards, gift vouchers and e codes since 2003 in the corporate and consumer marketplace.

If you are looking to simplify your current reward offering, or are setting foot into this 'dark art' of rewards and recognition for the first time, then Reward Panda is the ideal solution for you, enabling you to quickly and effortlessly reward your teams.



We listened to our customers and prospects and heard loud and clear that they wanted Reward Panda to go back to basics with their reward solutions, making it very simple for their employees, customers or members to engage with spending their rewards.
Reward Panda enables your teams to make their own choice of reward from over 300 High Street brands of physical gift cards and e codes inside the platform.  With everyone heading to digital nowadays, we have been amazed that so far nearly 90% of orders have been for physical gift cards to be posted to our customers!
Peer to peer recognition is also encouraged, and with the unusual added perk of some discounts on select brands, and even some local offers if desired, so their pennies go that extra mile.  

Reward Panda offers 3 easy solutions to choose from:

Reward with the Panda

Your team use the fully branded Reward Panda portal to choose and spend their rewards.  No cost to you at all, other than a member and reward charge.  No monthly fees.  No annual licence.

Joint Reward solution
As above, but once logged in your branding appears, (set-up fee applies), member and reward charge, no monthly fees.  No annual license.

It's all yours!
A fully branded standalone solution with your own domain name - set-up fee applies, and ongoing monthly hosting/domain costs.  No monthly membership fees, just a member and reward charge.


Give the team a call today on 0333 222 9129 and see how Reward Panda can revolutionise your long service awards, member benefits or customer promotions.