triyoga (Totally Well E-Code)

triyoga (Totally Well E-Code)
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Founded in 2000, triyoga has become London's top destination for yoga, Pilates and treatments, creating beautiful spaces where everyone can belong.

triyoga was founded by Jonathan Sattin with the intention of creating the highest quality centres for true wellbeing. Places that combine the three key elements of yoga, Pilates and treatments and that support a community of teachers, therapists, students and staff who feel triyoga is their home.

When we say the highest quality, this is not marketing speak. In all of our centres, we have sought to honour both the history of yoga as well its ever-changing landscape. We work with the best teachers who offer a broad range of authentic styles, so that people can find a class and teacher that suits them. We hope that by offering this variety, everyone – regardless of age, size, gender, fitness, diet and lifestyle – can develop a practice that they enjoy and benefit from.

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