Incentivising your team, customers or members with a simple cost effective solution!

Hello! I’m Reward Panda, and this is my platform I have made with the team from Voucherline, who are one of the UK's largest resellers of gift cards, and e codes for consumers and corporate customers.

If you are looking to simplify your current reward offering, or are setting foot into the 'dark ninja art' of rewards and recognition for the first time, then I am the ideal solution for you. I will help you to quickly and effortlessly reward your team, members or customers with the most simple solution out there!  We even give some discounts as well so you can have a benefit site too!






Do you give your staff bonuses in their wage packet? Did they realise or even spend it on themselves? Do you offer prizes for customers on a referral programme? Do you have a membership list and want to offer discounts on giftcards and e-codes? I can help.  I can also help with awarding grants to families in need, and can be sensitive and kind helping them through how to receive their monies to how to spend.


Reward Panda simplifies and concentrates on the most essential aspects of reward offering. I will simply place their hard earned pennies or awards into my platform for them to spend or save all year round. With one of the largest selections of e-codes, gift cards and vouchers online they will find something they love in no time!   If you do not reward your team, that is ok too!  just by being a member they get access to savings and discounts on gift cards that will really help their budgets.


I've scoured the forest and discovered all sorts of offers and perks, I can even source local rewards in your area if you wish. Members can also spend their own money with Reward Panda, so your members are constantly getting great savings without having to wait for their gifts.


Reward Panda can be used to reward your customers and teams with great competitions and promotions!  I can also show full price items and brand your pages within to suit your event.