Singa E-Code

Singa E-Code
Price From:  £9.30
List Price:  £9.99
Saving Of:  £0.69

Know someone who loves singing? Surprise them with a gift of song! Singa Karaoke E-code gives access to a huge library of high-quality karaoke songs on your computer, mobile and smart TV. It’s an immaterial gift that suits anyone who loves singing or has a dream of starting a new hobby. Christmas gift, birthday gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift, you name it. Once the singing starts, it never stops.

Singa Karaoke E-code is easy to buy, send online and activate. Just a few clicks and you’re on your way to karaoke stardom.

  • Expire: 24 Months
  • Minimum value per gift: £9.99
  • Maximum value per gift: £89.99
*please note that the card design may vary from the image shown.