The Charity Shop Giftcard

The Charity Shop Giftcard
 The Charity Shop GiftcardThe Charity Shop Giftcard 
Price From:  £19.00
List Price:  £20.00
Saving Of:  £1.00

We are passionate about charities and doing our bit to help create more sustainable lives. The Charity Shop Gift Card was founded with the aim to create a product for you to give more sustainably, buy more consciously and support good causes. We want to empower the charity shopping community, connecting individual charities and their own causes to join up in the mission to build a more sustainable future.

Where can I spend The Charity Shop gift card?

You can scan the back of the gift card with an Android or Apple device to find a list of stores that accept The Charity Shop Gift Card or there is a list of participating locations that can accept The Charity Shop Gift Card on the website with new locations being added constantly. Simply add your location and search within up to 100miles of where you are for a shop where you can spend your gift card. 

Can The Charity Shop gift cards by used online?

Currently you cannot spend The Charity Shop Gift Card online but it may be possible in the future.

How do I check my The Charity Shop gift card balance?

To check your card and balance please visit

How long are The Charity Shop gift cards valid for?

The Charity Shop gift cards expire 24 months from date of purchase. 

The range of charity shops where you can spend your gift card is growing all the time.

*please note that the card design may vary from the image shown